Finding: ac’tivAid

A while back – January, if I am not mistaken – a colleague of mine saw some of my AHK scripts. Upon seeing this, he showed me a little portable app he uses to get the same results.

That’s how I learned about ac’tivAid. It is a framework for AHK scripts created by Wolfgang Reszel
for the german PC magazine c’t. The official article is on their website; where you can download the app (here is the direct link for non german speaks: link).

This framework comes by default with quite a lot of extensions (scripts). And some pretty neat ones for that matter. I have running right now: Continue reading Finding: ac’tivAid

OmniContextMenu v3

It’s been only a few days since I wrote about a script I wrote “OmniContextMenu v2“.
And as I mentioned somewhere in there, I got some feedback from friends and did some working on the code.
So here it is: Version 3.0


OmniContextMenu is a script with a customization menu that opens with a Ctrl+RightMouse click on a select text. In this menu you will find some search engines (i.e.: Google, Goolge Images, Dictionaries, or whatever you choose to add). When clicking on an menu item, the script will start a new windows/tab on the browser of your choice searching for the selected text in the selected search engine.

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Quite some time ago (2008, if I am not mistaken) derRaphael, a well-known scripter on the german AHK forum, wrote a script inspired by the Firefox addon Ubiquity. He named it dR’s OCM (OmniContextMenu).

Unfortuantly his original code is no longer available on the internet.
But in October I remembered this code of his and found a backup somewhere in my storage.
I took a look at it and decided to use it again. Since this meant some updates in the APIs and his code, I made a version 2.0.
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Dynamic Snips

Recently I had an idea:
I was using Ed Wilson’s Code Snippets (which he introduced in his article Add Code Snippets to Your Script by Using the PowerShell ISE) a lot for powershell when writing scripts in PowerShell ISE. However I missed this when writing other things (i.e.: AHK scripts, ABAP reports, e-mails, a.s.o.).

I remembered Lexikos’ AHKControl back from 2008 and thought I could combine both ideas.

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Scripting Games 2012

The 2012 Windows PowerShell Scripting Games are just around the corner. I have participated in the last 2 Scripting Games and had a lot of fun.

I have been invited to be a judge for the second time, along with a lot of MVPs and PowerShell veterans. It will be a lot of work (a lot of scripts to grade) but I am sure it will be worth it. :-) Continue reading Scripting Games 2012